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The Intelligence Daily is a daily updated, uncensored, progressive news site. Our ability to analyze daily events, and expertise in the workings of both the mainstream and alternative media, provide us with the requisite tools to make this service possible. What distinguishes The Intelligence Daily from similar sites is our independence and the range of topics our website covers (please look at the menu above for an overview). In addition to publishing news of particular importance, we occasionally -- due to time constraints -- provide commentary in selected news articles. Original commentary appears under the heading of "Comments."

The Intelligence Daily follows strict guidelines in publishing copyrighted material. This website does not republish -- in full -- news articles by any of the major news agencies and newspapers. Generally, a brief introduction to an article (a teaser) followed by an outbound hypertext link to the original news source is published; linking story titles directly to their original sources is also a common practice we employ. The Intelligence Daily, in addition, reprints articles by various independent authors and news sources - who allow the free distribution of their content under fair use. However, when a piece is republished in its entirety, it is done so under Title 17, Section 107 of the US Code; the author's name and a reference, in the form of a URL address, to the original source is always provided. We do not regard the fair use clause as a provision that is to be abused. The Intelligence Daily does its utmost to respect international copyright laws.

The Intelligence Daily also encourages the submission of news items and original works by readers, authors and researchers via email. If a submited article is published, all due credit will be given, and The Intelligence Daily will in no manner be held responsible as an endorser of the views, findings and opinions contained in the submitted articles.

We spend many hours a day researching news stories and updating the site. The Intelligence Daily is funded 100% by third party ads (blogads, and google ads) and they are located in the article and search results pages. The very modest revenue we receive from the ads is funneled directly back into the site. You may support by spreading the word about this site. The Intelligence Daily will never charge users for access to content -- written by other authors or by us (which we eventually plan on doing).

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All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of
good conscience to remain silent

Thomas Jefferson


Is the United States of America a sovereign nation?
-- Maybe
-- Yes
-- No, the Federal Reserve Bank, the global elite and their cronies are hard at work
-- I dont care

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